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5-in-1 Weather Station


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  • Weather forecast icon
  • Time, weekday, month, date display
  • Alarm and snooze function
  • In and out temperature display in F/C
  • Temperature trends by arrow
  • Temperature range: indoor: 0~ +50C(32~122F) ; outdoor: -40~+60C (-40~140F)
  • Temperature resolution:0.1C  accuracy +/- 1.5C
  • In and out humidity display, humidity range: 20%~95%
  • Indoor/outdoor temperature and humidity MAX / MIN memory function
  • Low battery indicator icon for outdoor sensor
  • The sensor transmits within 100 meter
  • The backlight will be on for a few seconds after you press the top button
  • Main unit: powered by  3x AA batteries (Not included)
  • Sensor: powered by 2x AAA batteries (Not included)


Item Size

Main Unit: 7.87”Lx1.18”Wx5.16”H(200x30x131mm)

Sensor: 2.36”Lx1.06W”x3.78”H(60x27x96mm)

Weight Net 395g, Gross 420g
Color  Black/White
Package Contains 1x B0303 Weather Station, 1x Wireless Sensor; 1x Instruction Manual

Manual Download Here!