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Portable Power Station

Can l use the BALDR portable power station to charge my CPAP machine?

Most CPAP machines are between 30-60 Watts. Watts is an unit of power and a function of current (amps) and volts (Watts= amps x volts). Baldr Pioneer 330/500 and MP330 are enough to power a CPAP machine. the working hours = Capacities *0.85/ operating wattage of your CPAP. For example, assuming power consumption of your device is 53W, the Pioneer 500's working time is 461Wh*0.85/53W=7.39 Hrs (

rough calculatio).

How long does it take to fully charge our BALDR portable power stations?

We can estimate the charging time with Charging time (in hr) = Battery Capacity (Wh)/ Input(W). Due to constant-voltage charging, it allows full current of the charger to flow into the battery until it reaches a pre-set voltage. The charging time will take a bit longer in reality as the voltage reached the pre-set parameter, the amperage will become lower. Using Pioneer 500 as an example, 461/100=4.61 so it should take around 4.6hrs to fully charge. Please refer to our owners’ manual for more detailed specifications.

What output ports do BALDR portable power station have?

We have DC, AC, USB and also a wireless charging pad and you can use all of the ports at the same time. Our Baldr Power units also support pass-through charging on all of the ports. Please also note that when you are doing pass-through charging for a long period of time, the battery might reach a high temperature and our battery management system will step in and stop receiving charge until the internal temperature has cooled down to protect the batteries.

How long will one full charge last?

The working time will base on the battery capacity and your total output. Working time (in hr)=Battery Capacity*0.85/Total output (W). Using Pioneer 500 as an example, when powering a fan that is 45W. 461*0.85/45=8.7, an estimated 8.7 working hours when powering the 45W fan. Please refer to our owners’ manual for more detailed specifications.

How many ways of charging are there in our BALDR portable power stations?

Our units support 3 ways of charging. ① 120VAC outlet ②Solar panel ③Cigarette lighter plug in your vehicle. Three charging methods for optimal convenience.

What's the DC input dimension?

Hello, the overall specification is 8mm. The specific specification is the model 7909 of DC port.

What is the battery cycle?

The life expectancy of lithium-ion batteries is calculated by battery cycle. The number of cycles for a battery indicates how many times it can undergo the process of completely discharging and charging. For our units, they have a 600 cycles to 80% of its original battery capacity.

I have a specific question about a product. where do I find the information?

We have the specification tabs on every product page, you can find most information of each product. Or you can try download the manual to check . If you still haven't found the answer, pls drop us an email at service@baldr.com, or call us directly at 1-855-801-0798.

Can I take the portable power station on a flight?

Unfortunately, you can't. Under FAA regulations you are not allowed to take any battery exceeding 100Wh on a plane.

Why some people call the BALDR portable power station a solar generator?

All Baldr portable power station can be recharged by a AC outlet and optional solar panel. So Baldr portable power station can store the energy collected from the sun, that's why we also call it a solar generator.

What is the difference between Modified Sine Wave inverter and Pure Sine Wave inverter?

Modified Sine Wave inverters are very affordable. Using a more basic form of technology than pure sine wave inverters, they produce power which is perfectly adequate for powering simple electronics, like your laptop. Modified inverters are best suited for resistive loads which don't have a start up surge.

Pure sine wave inverters use more sophisticated technology to protect even the most sensitive electronics. Pure sine wave inverters produce power which equals – or is better than – the power in your home. Appliances which may not function properly, or which may be permanently damaged, without pure, smooth power will be safe with pure sine inverters.

Portable Solar Panel

Why is my solar panel producing a low output?

① Check if the connection of the cables are fitted properly

② Check if the panel is placed in a correct orientation to capture sunlight. Adjust if necessary for a better angle towards the sun, the solar panel will harness most power when the sunlight hits the panel perpendicularly.

③ Check if the solar panel is dirty or dusty as they will reduce the efficiency of the panel.Use a damp cloth to wipe clean the panel if there are dirt or dust on it

④ Place the panel in an open area and avoid any tree branches or shades

Solar panels work best under full sun. Leaving under any kind of shade will lower its output. If you use a solar panel on a cloudy day, the solar panel will only produce 10-30% of its normal output on a sunny day. If you use a solar panel on a rainy day, the solar panel will only produce 5-20% of its normal output on a sunny day.

Why is my solar panel not working with my power station/solar generator?

Check for the DC input voltage range of your power station to see if it accepts 18V or not. If your unit requires an input voltage greater than 18V, you will need to connect two solar panels in series.

If your power station do accept 18V but it is not charging your unit and you have verified that the panel is fully unfolded and under direct sunlight. A simple way to troubleshoot will be using the wall adapter or car cable that came with your power station to check if it is taking a charge from them or not. If your power station is not charging even with a wall adapter or car cable, then your power station is defective.

Why is the panel not charging my appliances?

①Check for the positioning of the panel, place it under direct sunlight and avoid shades

②When the panel is fully unfolded, a red LED light on the connector (inside the zipped pouch) will light up indicating the panel is ready to go

③Trying plugging in your phone or tablet and charge via the USB ports

④Check to see if your power station accepts a 18V DC input

⑤Check to see if any cables are damaged

If it is still not functioning, please contact our customer service at service@baldr.com, +18558010798

What are the difference between monocrystalline and polycrystalline?

①Different conversion rate, monocrystalline panels have higher efficiencies compared to polycrystalline

②Due to its higher efficiency, monocrystalline is a more premium material compared to polycrystalline and hence its higher price

③Monocrystalline also has a longer life expectancy compared to polycrystalline

Will a solar panel still work on a cloudy day?

The solar panel will only produce 10-30% of its normal output on a sunny day.

How will the placement of a solar panel affects its output?

The solar panel will harness most power when the sunlight hits the panel perpendicularly.

Energy Saving

How to reset the power consumption reading (kWh) in the third rank?

This doesn't tell me how to solve the problem.

Can this unit monitor input into the grid, as in, i'd like to monitor the performance of a grid-tie inverter, plugged into this unit, into the wall.

It's not made for plugging into the grid in the manner you describe. Its design is intended to measure consumption of individual appliances up the monitor's maximum current/power rating. I have used such a device on a power strip to measure multiple appliances at once, but kept total draw of loads within the monitor's limits.

Why do they show shaking before plugging in ?

Those outlets are mainly used in Australia, New Zealand, China & Argentina
2 or 3 pins in a V configuration. It is a PIA to get a device into the outlet, however your device will not come out unless you pull it out forcefully. U.S. outlets are significantly easier.

Would I be able to connect a power strip to this device and be able to get the total watt usage, etc?

If you're within the max Power for the device, yes.

All i want is to know how many kwh are consumed in how long. the instructions don't help. how do i do this?How many kwh are consumed in a certain period of time? The instructions don't tell me how to calculate this.

How many kwh are consumed in a certain period of time? The instructions don't tell me how to calculate this.


Will the customer service hotline always be online?

Thanks for your question.
1-855-801-0798 (US Office) works at 9.00am -5.00pm form Mon. to Fri.

Does the AC adapter provided is for 110V only or 110-240v?

Thanks for your question.
The AC adapter provided for 110-240V input.
If you have further questions, please reach out to our support team via Amazon or email.

I live 1020 feet above sea level. Does the barometer account for that?

The barometer will read the actual barometric pressure of wherever you are at.
I am near 4000' and a typical barometric value displayed for a standard day is
25.92 inHg as opposed to 29.92 inHg at sea level accounting for the one inch drop of mercury (Hg) per thousand feet of altitude.

What size is the dc plug on the back of the display? i'd like to connect it to a 5vdc supply in my rv.

Device has a short dongle hardwired to the back, with a socket for what appears to be a EIAJ‑01 plug. OD 2.35mm; ID .7mm; length 9.5mm.

It seems like I need to buy a lot of add-ons for this to make it work properly?

You don't need to purchase anything extra. You can buy your own batteries if you want. You need to put batteries in the sensor that goes outside.

Does it reliably sync to wwvb time signal?

Yes, it sets its time automatically.

Where does the weather station's display show daily min/max records

Thanks for your question.
You can press the "MEM" button to check outdoor and indoor max/min temperature and humidity.The checking order is: Max Record→Min Record→Exit.The value will display for 5 seconds.

Air & Temperature

Can the display be seen at night? Is it back lit?

Not back lit. Can't see w/out ambient light.

The outside sensor has new batteries yet the red light flashes intermittently. The unit is brand new. What doe that flashing mean?

The red light flashes in 60 seconds. When it flashes, the outdoor temperature is sent to the display unit.

I have two of these and two remote sensors, but both base-stations connect to the same remote sensor. Is there a way to set different channels?

I have three temperature indicators (one is a baldor, two are taylors. All 3 connect to the same sensor. I think all of the local remote temp sensors use the same frequency and encoding scheme; likely because they all use the same temp/LCD-driver microcontroller.

Can this be used outdoor on patio?

A covered patio? Should be no problem. I wouldn’t expose it to rain.

Can this be used in a cold frame? I noticed greenhouse was listed.

Although I do not know all the requirements for a cold frame/greenhouse environment, I am presuming that because it does accurately monitor the humidity level (as well as the temperature) - that would be useful information for growing crops. I'm guessing you may also want a thermometer that records the minimum and maximum temperature for later reference - which this does not. But as a temperature (and humidity) level monitor I found it works very well - and appears to be very accurate - I'm very happy with it.


How do I change the day of the week? I read in the instructions that it comes with the year 2020 from the factory. This gives me the day of the week.

Hold the set button down until you can change the year and it will automatically change to the correct day

I have read there are 4 zones in usa and 9 zones. which is it for this clock? what is eastern day light savings.

First set your correct time zone as listed in the instruction leaflet, then set the daylight savings time to correspond to the state you live in either on or off. It's that easy. Read the instructions.

How do you set/adjust the moon phase on the BALDR Atomic Alarm Clock??

You do not set it. You have to allow the clock a couple days to set it itself. The instructions say that If it does not set it within those 2-3 days, then the signal is blocked by items in your house or by tall buildings nearby.

I need the autoset function in Hawaii. Does this clock autoset in that time zone?

No, In the United States, the signals received by radio-controlled clocks originate from NIST Radio Station WWVB, which is located near Fort Collins, Colorado. It is not effective to use it in Hawaii. However, one can always manually set up the clock time and it is very easy to do so.

Is the display always illuminated or just when pressing the button?

There is a button at the top off the clock. Press it once and the display stays on at the brightest setting. Press it again and the display stays on at a reduced brightness. Press it a third time and the display stays off. Press the button again and it goes aback to the brightest setting.

How do I change the time zone? .. it is now showing eastern dst. but should be mountain dst.

Per the instruction booklet, once you are receiving the RCC signal, there is no need for other settings. However, if there is no signal received, you can set different options manually. The Time Zone is one of those options. Please see the instruction booklet (pages 6-8) for the manual settings steps.


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